Deadlands1 / Session4

Tuesday, March 13

Nolan Edwards is still concerned about Jackie O'Neil and Bobby Whitaker. Of course, we checked Jackie by spilling holy water on him. But does that work on vampires? We don't know. Nolan seemed to think so.

Bobby Whitaker often wanders off in the desert with some Mexican fellow. Supposedly he has something planned for tonight.

We head back into town. Bobby Whitaker has a fine house in town. Jackie O'Neil has a room in a rooming house, is more of a drifter.

As we're arriving, a lot of people are heading out. Word's gotten around that things are kind of sketchy and people are heading to Prescott.

Judith buttonholes someone to talk to them about why they're leaving. "Strange things afoot." She is persuasive enough, it's common knowledge that Sheriff Wilson was killed by vampires. And the disappearances. Laura MacMillan disappeared, kidnapped by vampires. Working girl was killed by vampires. Heard from Thelma Lou that working girl rose from the grave and killed the sheriff.

Dr Wolf asks Nolan about "the Mexican." He hangs out at Bobby's house, they go out into the desert at night.

We head to Greely's Tavern - where we were gambling last night. A different bartender, a real big guy. He was there last night, but didn't get involved in the fight. Judith asks about where Jackie O'Neil spends his days. Bartender thinks he often leaves with a "fine young lady" - probably sleeps at a rooming house down the way. Who else was he gambling with? Bobby Whitaker (a well to do businessman) - came into town a few years ago without much, not exactly sure what he does. Bobby's got the biggest house in town. Irving Montana and John Kennedy, two local miners, stay at rooming houses. Dr Wolf, "Excellent. Thank you for providing the information."

We head out to the crossroads where the cemetary is. It's only been a couple of days since the working girl was buried. No sign the earth is unduly disturbed - probably didn't crawl her way out. It looks as it should - Judith's "friend" Michael McBride has done a good job.

We decide to check out the rooming houses to track down Jackie O'Neil. Starting at our hotel - where Sally Ann, the working girl - was found. It's a little awkward at first, but Sheriff Mac flashes his badge and the desk clerk opens up. Jackie O'Neil's not here tonight. Might be at a different place. Judith asks about nocturnal lodgers - the desk clerk talks about Nolan Edwards.

Next is slightly less classy - John Kennedy, one of the miners, has a room there but is not in now. Mac flashes his badge, and suggests we ought to be allowed to look through the room. A quick search of the room turns up a $20 and a few french postcards in a hole in the mattress. No blood on the collars of his shirts. On the way out, we reassure the owner that John Kennedy isn't in any trouble.

On the way to the next rooming house, we pass Bobby Whitaker's house. It looks like the windows are all painted black.

At the next rooming house, a nice one with a nice lady at the door. Mac asks after the three men, identifying himself as a marshal. Not there right now, but she thinks she saw Jackie O'Neil go into the "house across the way" - a house of ill-repute. Have any of the men been staying there recently, no. Any nocturnal guests, anyone sleeping all day. Absolutely not - it's a reputable establishment.

Head over to the establishment in question. Mac knocks on the door. A thin wisp of a lady opens the door in a diaphonous gown, "Oh, can I help you?" Mac identifies as a marshal, and asks after Jackie O'Neil. Isn't he out of his jurisdiction? Also the sheriff of Vulture City. She looks skeptical. Mac, "Let me put this another way..." (overawe) - OK wait right there and she'll go get him. After a couple minutes a very bleary eyed Jackie O'Neil comes to the door.

Jackie, "I haven't done anything what do you want?" Dr Wolf checks him in the mirror, he appears fine. Dr Wolf asks about where Bobby Whitaker goes with his Mexican friend in the evening. Jackie doesn't know - just knows Bobby has money. Mac says in a stony voice, "I want any information you have regarding Bobby Whitaker, and I want it now." Jackie says, "He's crap at the tables. I don't know what else you want." Jackie shuts the door.

Discussion about whether to visit Bobby's house now or follow him out in the desert to see what's going on. Bobby's house is two stories, but not external basement access. Plan: Check out house after they leave, then follow the tracks into the desert.

Judith and Onatah hole up in a boarding house. There's an uncomfortable discussion regarding the burial practices of Onatah's tribe. Dr Wolf and Father Michael take a room at a lower class rooming house, where Kennedy was at. Father Michael spends the time composing a letter to his friend. Mac is outside the tavern lounging on the porch.

The ladies notice the door of Bobby Whitaker's place open, a Mexican with a moustache comes out and opens a gate beside the house. Bobby Whitaker with a satchel over his shoulder, comes out of the gate with two horses. And the two mount up and ride off.

The ladies wait a few more minutes then come out and wave - the rest of his come out to check it out. We head around the back of the house, after trying the front door which was locked. Dr Wolf remains at the front of the house in case we flush someone out.

Going through the gate we come to a scraggly looking enclosed area - a roof over an area for the horses. The backdoor is forced open by Mac. After no one runs out the front door for a minute Dr Wolf comes running around the back. He runs in with his clockwork lantern, cranks it on, and blinding light fills the room.

A quick check of the downstairs doesn't turn up much. Some canned food in the kitchen, not totally barren. We head upstairs, where it was completely back until Dr Wolf's lantern came up. It swings around onto two shining eyes - Mac levels his shotgun and shoots. The cat yowls and runs, with a pellet in it's leg. The fluffy white cat is in hiding.

Onatah and Judith go looking for the cat to try to fix it's leg and find it hiding under a chair. They wrestle it out from under the chair and get to work on the leg. Dr Wolf is summoned to help with the cat and quickly removes the shot and binds the leg.

We check out the bedrooms. There is a mirror by the washbasin, who knows if they can see themselves in it. A desk in the main bedroom has a letter in Spanish in it, with a map. Unfortunately neither Dr Wolf nor Father Michael's spanish is good enough to read the letter. Mac searches the guest bedroom. He's got a lot of bullets, but nothing obviously evil or wrong.

The downstairs is searched again. No incriminating papers are found. Mac looks for hidden doors to a basement, under a rug is a small trapdoor, 18 inches square. Five rifles and ammo are hidden in the compartment, along with a couple hundred in Confederate money.

By the time we're leaving via the gate, the deputy is across the street waiting, having heard the shot. Mac explains that we're checking out Bobby Whitaker. Sheriff is a bit upset that we didn't clear it with him - Bobby's respected in town. We agree if he's not up to no good, we'll pay for the damages. The deputy can't read Spanish, but he has seen Jackie talking to Bobby's Mexican in Spanish.

We head over to Greely's Tavern. Mac sits by Jackie - he'd consider it a personal favor if Jackie wold translate the letter. Jackie tells him to buy him a drink. Letter specifies a meeting place - "have the items, ready to meet tonight outside of town where the map shows, they expect $500." Mac thanks him, "you won't from usw again... unless you break the law."

The deputy decides to stay in town rather than go out chasing leads. We opt to leave Nolan behind. He's too unstable and likely to get us in trouble. We tell him to check out the working girl's grave, we'll check into Bobby Whitaker further but from we've seen we don't think he's a vampire.

Set out on the trail on borrowed horses (borrowed from the deputy) - we head east. We spot a fire out in the desert. We tie up our horses and sneak up toward the fire. A large fire is in the center of the "clearing" - a road comes in from the SW - rocks and scrub brush surround the area.

Bobby is talking to his cohort in Spanish, impatient. After a long while - half a dozen riders with someone driving wagon. The riders faces covered by sombreros.

Whitaker approaches and checks out the wagon, then returns to the fire seeming happy. Whitaker hands the satchel to the Mexicans who count money from it quick. Everyone seems happy and the Mexicans produce a bottle to pass around. The Mexicans head out and Whitaker and the wagon (driven by Whitaker's Mexican) start to head north on the road.

We attempt to sneak back to the horses, but Whitaker hears us. Calls out "Who's there" - fires a shot over our heads. We freeze, then realize he won't come chasing us, so we start running to our horses. We get away from them and ride north to head the wagon off.

Dr Wolf and Judith gallop into the road in front of the wagon. But Father Michael, Mac, and Onatah can't control their mounts and head off in random directions, fortunately still paralleling the road.

Sheriff Mac yells "Stop in the name of the law!" Bobby Whitaker is cowed by Mac's shouting, "Sanchez wait" Mac demands to know what's in the wagon and what happened at the meeting. Whitaker says it's none of our business. Dr Wolf opens the wagon - it's full of rifles. Mac demands to know what the rifles are for!

Whitaker is broken and admits he sells weapons from Mexico to CSA guerillas who raid the north. Why are the windows blacked out - he says he has a terrible skin condition. Our medical folk confirm that such a condition exists. Father Michael confirms that Whitaker isn't a vampire by sprinkling holy water on him. Mac says he won't arrest him, but will confiscate the rifles. Whitaker protests, but realizes that he's getting off easy and is OK with it. Mac tells him he should get lost and not turn up in either town again.

Asking Bobby about the disappearances. Always some, seems to have gotten worse lately. Rumors that three guys at a ranch were vampires, but nothing more.

We head back into Wickensburg, met by deputy who heard wagon coming. Explain Bobby was smuggling in weapons, confiscated a wagon full of rifles. Deputy Weekes will store them at the jail until the Rangers come through to handle it. What happened to Bobby? We let him go with a deal - he won't be in town again.

We head out to the graveyard to check on Nolan. Nolan calls down to us from his hotel room to ask what we found out. We head up - Nolan says he dug up the working girl and found she was still there. A little trouble with Deputy Weekes, but nothing serious.

We head back to our rooms for the night - split between two rooms - ladies and gentlemen.

Wednesday, March 14

About midnight we hear a loud stomping coming up the stairs. Father Michael yells, "Keep it quiet out there!" Onatah can tell the footsteps are coming toward their room. Onatah grabs her bow and Judith grabs her rifle and stands to the side of the door. Someone kicks open the ladies door!

The man on the other side of the door is the large bartender from Greely's Tavern. Onatah raises her bow and yells "Drop it!" to overawe the bartender. The bartender laughs at her. Mac grabs his shotgun and goes running out the door of our room into the hall. Onatah fires an arrow and grazes the bartender's stomach.

Dr Wolf grabs his sword and Father Michael grabs his pistol and the two run out into the hall. Onatah fires another arrow, inflicting a little more damage on the bartender. Mac fires both barrels into the bartender, and the bartender collapses, bleeding but not dying. As he's losing consciousness - he says, "Greely has your vampire hunter at the saloon. He knows what to do with meddlers."

Discussion about how to deal with the man. Dr Wolf tends to the wounds, they aren't serious. As we dress quick - a scream from down the street! When we get to the bottom of the stairs, the concierge tells us the deputy has been found dead. We head out to Greely's saloon. It's locked! Dr Wolf breaks open a windows. Mac throws himself at the door, bashing it open.

Mac yells out, Nolan where are you? Only silence answers him.

We head in - the barroom is empty. Door to the kitchen, and a door to a basement.

We look in the kitchen quick, no one in there. Into the basement, lots of alcohol stored down here. Two doors from the basement. One door is unlocked - a small bare bedroom. As Mac goes to open the other door, a thump as something hits it. Unholy growling from the other side and something is starting to break through. We prepare ourselves - the door splinters and 6 dogs leap into the room.

Judith is first (for once!) and fires at the first dog out - hitting it in the back (critical wound!) Father Michael fires twice at the other dog charging out - hitting it once in the side and once in the head, killing it. Dr Wolf runs forward slashing with his sword, missing once and electrocuting the one dog with his second swing, knocking it out.

Judith fires again, hitting the dog she shot earlier in a vital spot and dropping it dead. Father Michael fires into the back of the room - killing one dog instantly and grazing the belly of another. Mac levels his shotgun and fires at the last uninjured dog, blowing a large hole in its guts and dropping it. Mac fires his other barrel into the last dog, blowing a hole through it.

That ends it. Father Michael fires a shot into the head of the last stunned dog - putting it out of it's misery.

Mac searches the dog room for secret doors - finding an off color brick. He pushes open the secret door, and a dog leaps out at him. Mac levels his gun and fires twice - he maims the dog's leg but misses his next shot. The dog passes out from the shock and damage.

The hidden door leads down a long set up steps - ending below ground in a huge cavern. Smell of old cave, undisturbed. The cave was dim, but is soon illuminated by Dr Wolf's lantern. Several pillars hold up the ceiling - this room is clearly excavated rather than natural. We see Nolan's silver crucifix dangling from a nail in the nearest pillar.

We head out into the cave. Father Michael collects the crucifix as we pass. Judith asks if there's a path that's obviously well trod in the dirt - Onatah's skilled tracking shows a trail leading into the darkness. We follow the trail...

As we proceed, Dr Wolf notices a shadow drop from the ceiling behind Onatah, and spins and lunges with his electric sword, the sword sliding over and cutting into the shadow's shoulder and sparking. The shadowy figure - a feral vampire? - rakes at her with claws - Fate spares her from the damages of both attacks. The vampire transforms into a cloud of vapor - drifting away from us in the light. As we collect ourselves, we recognize the vampire as Greely from the bar.

We form a pack around Dr Wolf with his lantern in the middle, all on the lookout for trouble. As we creep forward, everyone but Dr Wolf notice Greely appear. Suddenly the lantern goes out!

Judith fires wildly into the darkness, missing. Mac attempts to intimidate Greely - yelling out "Look you son of a bitch, we'll kill you eventually!" Greely isn't obviously scared. Onatah speaks in her native tongue, pledging herself to the spirits, they will aid her aim.

Greely tears at Judith - scratching her stomach, but not doing any serious damage. Father Michael pushes through the crowd, brandishing Nolan's crucifix - reciting Psalm 17 (TODO: insert). Mac yells, "We'll get you!"

Father Michael pauses to listen to see if he can hear where Greely is, but is unable to hear anything but the labored breathing of his allies and the beating of his own heart. Finally the lantern is wound again and the light is restored.

We proceed farther in. Father Michael begins blessing his bullets. Greely attacks again! Father Michaels shoots twice, only lightly wounding him. Greely attacks Father Michael and only by the intervention of Fate is he not horribly maimed. Father Michael produces the crucifix and begins reciting Psalm 17 again, trying to ward Greely back. Mac yells at Greely! Greely tries to stare down Father Michael, but Father Michael will not be dissuaded!

Onatah fires an arrow at Greely! It catches him square in the chest and skewers his heart. Greely is paralyzed and obviously badly wounded. Mac, "That's what eventually means, bitch!"

Remembering Nolan's advice Dr Wolf severs the head. While that is going on, Father Michael drips holy water onto Greely and notes that it does indeed burn like acid.

We go forward. Narrow gap. Two coffins - one old one, one newer. Check for secret doors. None. Open old coffin. Nolan, tied up. Not a vampire. Check other coffin - young woman. Free Nolan. Nolan identifies woman as becoming vampire. wants to destroy her. Father Michael will try to free her by the grace of God and the light of the sun.

Judith wants to talk to the woman, but Mac notes we can do that upstairs. On the way upstairs, Nolan says he's good to his word - pays $15/day + $100 for Greely + $100 for the trio at the ranch.

Woman is Laura MacMillan. Kidnapped by Greely weeks ago, bit her, traumatized. Doesn't have 'folks' around here. She wants to spend some time with the preacher, the only sane one in the group. After a night of exorcism, she might regret that.

Searching around the tavern and upstairs. We find Greely's journal. Over 100 years old, drifted west. Planned to make Laura into a thrall for some female companionship. Talked to Jackie about Hoyle's book (given as being in the old well) Five books of news clippings for 100s of years. A page on the murder of Joshua MacBride. On same page is a clipping of the murder of a soldier at Fort Watchuka. Article in German - Dr Wolf says acquaintance of his may or may not have killed someone in a fencing match back east.

On the way out we grab a couple bottles from the top shelf. As we exit a group of men in CSA uniforms and an armored stagecoach pull up. Ask after sheriff - sheriff and deputy are dead. Supposed to hand stage and contents to be passed to to Marvin Deitrich, Sheriff of Vulture City.

Mac is now sheriff of Vulture. Deitrich was supposed to accompany stage to Fort Lol in Tuscon - sheriffs usually accompany the stage to keep it safe.

One man pulls aside speaker - we look like a disreputable group, a half naked woman, a severed head. Priest attempts to explain, "There's a perfectly reasonable explanation." Gives a rough explanation. Man wants to accompany the stage. We agree to take him on. (John Huddleston)

The sun is just coming up over the horizon as the scene ends. Dr Wolf, "I need to wash my hands."

Mac asks them to take his letter north with them. Father Michael drops off a letter in the mail that morning. The head is burned in the sun that morning in an alley.

Around the corner comes Michael MacBride the undertaker.

Plans: Head back to Vulture City Exorcise Laura to be sure $100 given to hire a posse to accompany the stage

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