BESMSystem / BESMArmorChanges

Imperfect Armor Coverage

In addition to the options for Partial Armor coverage (large thin area for -1 point cost, or large unprotected area for -2 point cost), another option will be available.
Armor may be acquired with the Imperfect Coverage option, where there is a small entirely unprotected area, but it requires a +4 attack roll penalty for -1 point armor cost, instead of the +2 penalty to hit a large unprotected area.

Unreliable Weapons

On a natural roll of 11, weapons malfunction as indicated in the rules. On a natural roll of 12, the weapon dangerously malfunctions, dealing its damage to its user instead of the target.

Personal Gear Weapon Ranges

Just as Personal Gear weapon damage is 1/3 Weapon Attack damage, Personal Gear weapon range will be 1/3 Weapon Attack weapon range. 15m/150m/1.5km seems a far more reasonable Short/Normal/Long range spread than 50m/.5km/5km.

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